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  1. Just some thoughts

    Okay, so this one is a little different than my other posts. It isn't a song, more just a place to put my thoughts.
    I have been thinking a lot about clans lately. I was in a clan that I simply loved for about a year. I was really sad to leave it, actually, as lame as it sounds, shed a few tears. It was like moving away. Sure, you plan to stay in contact with everyone, but you drift appart over time.
    Honestly, I miss the clan more than I thought I would. It was time for a change for ...

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  2. Valerian SeaSong - Day 8

    by , 9-11-15 at 7:30:01 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    I finally saved several crowns to unlock Cyclops Lane. Nolan StormGate is as hotheaded as I remember, telling Cyrus Drake he recovered something from the Dark Cave when he isn't even able to move his legs in that direction.... After about 10 battles I recovered the Runed Skull for him and he was most "pleased" with it. He probably doesn't have any Myth Prisms in his deck because I have to be the one to fight all the Lumbering Trolls. Leave it to a Storm Wizard to do a Myth Wizard's job. ...

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  3. Recent Happenings

    So, I've got somewhat of a job. Somewhat. It's only around one or two days a week I actually work. This is more of a temporary job than anything, but I am enjoying it. However, I assure you it will not stick. The current job I have (and I will not list what it is) is not what I want to do with my life.
    Hopefully, hopefully, at one point in my life I will finally become an animator. Though my hopes aren't too high for this.

    I've been writing more lately. I don't really know why. ...

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  4. I had no idea this was possible - Noob Status

    by , 9-3-15 at 11:08:31 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    I had no idea that you could zoom in on clothes in the vendor menu.

    Dang silver looks slightly green than it does silver.
  5. Andrea SilverHeart - Day 7

    by , 9-3-15 at 10:26:44 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    I'm officially an idiot... this death Wizard didn't get Balefrost or Colossus until a few seconds ago.... I may have slacked off on finishing the Ice school for her Ice Mastery Amulet. I have two of them and I used the second on my Fire Wizard. During the course of this blog I will post extra information about my previous main wizards before my break... because it's necessary(?).

    Let me emphasize this: [B]I AM SOMETIMES A MORON.[/B]

    My death wizard is level 82 and is in ...