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  1. Myth to Max: Day 12

    Only two levels today. I need to log back in and go do my spell quest though. Just did the Grand Chasm Past.


    Got less lazy and got my spell and the tri-blade. XP


    Updated 11-14-15 at 4:53:13 AM by Spellbinder

  2. Coming Back for Polaris?

    Hey all,

    As I've mentioned previous, I pretty much take hiatuses during the school year from the game (not much time, schoolwork, nothing much to do in game, etc.) With Polaris coming out soon, however, I was thinking of coming back to the game at least for a month or so to finish the world.

    Unfortunately, my parents aren't exactly supportive of gaming (and sure don't want to pay for it anyways), so I've had to resort to using Prize rebel to get subs for the summer and ...
  3. Ideas for Future KI Games

    by , 11-6-15 at 11:44:53 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    [FONT=century gothic][SIZE=4]If Kingsisle were to release another game in the next [insert number here] years. I think it should include different things that weren't released as soon as they could have been.

    [I'm not posting in this in the actual forum section because certain updates are already happening and it's not an issue at the moment]

    1. Design a skill tree. When new stats are increased or decreased with a nerf there will be consistencies for all levels.
    2. ...
  4. Missing Halloween

    by , 11-6-15 at 5:58:42 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    [FONT=century gothic][SIZE=4]As much as I like Halloween in this game, I can't believe I missed the entire month in game. I wanted to come back but I feel so out of the loop from the friends I had a year back. I don't feel wanted in game and I certainly wanted to try something back in October to feel like a member to the community.

    Holiday events come and go all to fast. The real world takes away more than anyone realizes. I want to enjoy this game like I did long ago but I can't. I ...
  5. Life Update/OMG Moment

    Hey hey Central,

    How's it going? Hopefully things have been going well for all of you.

    I personally have been inundated with schoolwork, extracurrics, and trying to squeeze some amount of free time into it all. I've been busy.

    I haven't actually played/quested/farmed or done anything useful in Wizards as of late (last run of anything must have been mid September), so I decided, what the heck, might as well log in and do a run of something.

    So I ...