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    I didnít mean to get this badge but hey, a badge is a badge.
  2. DAY 1

    Hello there I'm Moon Moon and this blog is dedicated to my goal of getting all 295 badges in Wizard101 in my last year of playing. I'm going to try to play daily if not weekly to make progress. Luckily I have bit of a head start in all this from just playing the game right!? This badge is my first target: Name:  365 to 295_DAY1.PNG
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    Let's see if I can do this!
  3. Alley-Oop

    So I have been working on my life damage project and every pet I get back fails at teen. I was like interesting not o darn. So I hatched it 10 times to see if they all failed, they did.

    Ok, so in other projects of mine I noticed if all my offspring fail at teen, most likely one of my bases is my woot woot mega success pet. Its just a matter of finding the right one to level. So I choose the ancient to try epic. It seemed the easiest solution because it took me forever to get pain and ...

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    Owling Around
  4. Teams

    I tend to main quest my wizards in teams. It makes things go a bit quicker. It is also faster paced. thinking of what 2-4 wizards will do in 30 seconds makes it more interesting to me.
    I soloed my first wizard though Zafaria, but ended up deleting it out of wanting a new look on my death wiz.
    Teams are a big part of my gameplay. The dynamics between the schools is interesting to me, and I find it fun to try various combinations.
    On the thread, What did you accomplish today? ...

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  5. My Pets!

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    (Reworking on this).

    Hai there!
    I've seen people post their pet list here before.
    I'd like to keep track of which pets I've collected & still need!

    Color Code;

    Need to collect.
    Already collected.

    **If anyone still sees any I didn't list, please let me know!!
    **Or if there's any errors, like missed an unhatchable pet or something.

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