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  1. WOW, How Things Can Change.

    Sooo, I just got back from my almost third week of high school. Honestly gotta say that i am quite enjoying it, but, i never really realized how much things and people have changed. I could completely say that i like high school a lot more than i did middle school, probably due to the fact that they are almost complete opposites.
    I dont know how to explain it exactly, but middle school is way more divided than high school. Back in middle school, you could perfectly see each and every social ...
  2. LABOR DAY!!!!!

    Well just wanted to wish everyone a happy happy happy labor day and labor day weekend. Found this video a little while ago made by petsami, of a bunch of labor day animals. Thanks for all the work you've all done this year, i just hope that you've been as productive as these animals here. Check it out:
  3. First Blog: Relationships on W101?

    Ok, so its my first blog, and i'm a little new at this. As i bet for many people who happen to read this, that is if i do get any views, probably have a boy or girl on the game. Now i'm not gonna sit here and say that its pointless and it makes no sense, because unfortunately i too have been sucked into dating on W101. I just don't know why everyone keeps dating, its caused so much drama for me, so idk why i still look for someone new.
    So, a month or two ago, i had a boyfriend named Cody. ...

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  4. still with me

    so um hi
    i haven't really been arounnnnnnnd here lately but hi
    things have been crazyyy
    over this summer i've done a lot like
    I went to florida for 2 weeks
    that was fun #no
    When I was in FL, I was able to attend Warped tour
    I saw:
    Crown The Empire
    Sleeping With Sirens
    Woe, is me
    Tonight Alive
    Memphis May Fire
    Hands like Houses
    The Used
    We Came as Romans
    okay I saw CTE at their
  5. new life experience

    this is gonna be a 100% personal post so if you don't like that kinda stuff then lolbye. but i'm assuming you do if you're reading this because like over half of my posts are about me.
    hah. ok yea.
    anyways. i wanted to do like a little update type thingy. if you read my blog posts normally then you know i started my freshman year of college like 2-3 weeks ago. this is kind of like a reflection on what has happened over those past weeks, what i've learned, how different college is vs. ...