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  1. I'm Walking Away

    I don't know I just really like American Authors

    ANDANDAND I need $12 so I can preoreder One Direction's new album (which comes out November 25th which is my father's birthday), Midnight Memories. I didn't blog about that it had came out, which I knew when they posted on FB five days ago, but I should've and I didn't.

    Sooo yeeeeah.
  2. Mensen Van De Grotere/People of the Greater

    This is my if you're reading please check out my clan (not exactly my, my friends and I run it.)

    But still, great clan. We've got many members and we've got lots of happiness to spread!!


    (Green is awesome :3)

    Doesn't this witch look like she's saying that curse in Harry Potter that kills people!? (Avada Cadabra I think)

    Well, thanks for reading.

    HAVE ...

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  3. My First Blog o_o

    Okayyyyyyyyy so I doubt anyone's going to read this, but here I go. I just bought a blog thinger (whoopee!!), and I want to thanks LADY SAV who donated enough gold so I could have one. (You rock (: ) You know this but....:yourdabest:. Anyway, I started a blog, yay me. Idk what on earth I'm going to be posting here, but probably shout outs to my awesome friends.

    Thanks! If you read this you're awesome..js (=
  4. Cover help! You decide & VOTE!

    by , 9-8-13 at 10:15:00 PM (Life of a Rider - The Jade Rider)
    Quote Originally Posted by Rider JadeStone View Post
    I have a book called Shadowed. It is completed, but now I need a cover for its sequel, Darkened. I'll put up Shadowed's cover and then all the candidates for Darkened. PLEASE HELP AND TELL ME WHICH ONE LOOKS THE BEST!

    Name:  4491624-256-k781228.jpg
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Size:  31.4 KB <-- This is the cover for Shadowed. The below are the "candidates" for Darkened

    1. Name:  Darkened.jpg
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Size:  54.0 KB 2. Name:  Another Darkened...x.x.jpg
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Size:  23.3 KB 3. Name:  DARKENED??.jpg
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  5. Feeling misused by friends and looked over completely

    I feel very misused by some friends lately, I don't think they intentionally meant to make me feel that way except one. Not sure why but I know they are intentionally annoying me for some odd reason, maybe for attention IDK but they are doing it.

    I don't like asking for hatches and one of the groups I am in I asked about 4 months ago for some help getting some talents I do not have. I see people in that group ask for the same help and they get hatches right away but I get Erin can ...