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  1. Borrowed

    I haven't done anything.

    This has been borrowed wihout permission by Emmy
    So yea

    1: What are you wearing?:
    Yoga pants and a black tshirt.
    2: Ever been in love?
    With a cat.
    3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
    4: How tall are you?
    5''5 currently
    5: How much do you weigh?
    Does not concern you
    6: Any tattoos do you want?
    Urrrhhh yea I'm actually probably going to get a horse on my back

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  2. I'm Coming Back

    --- Coming Back ---
    As some of you have undoubtedly noticed, I've begun posting again. That's because, and I'm excited to announce this, what I left over is being slowly fixed, I believe, before our eyes. So, I plan to become fully active once again! As soon as a garner up enough forum gold (I have some trades going on right now for a Lifebane and some PVP Cards), I'm going to change my name to Dr. Chillingworth and start posting regularly! I also plan to revamp this blog a little!

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  3. Yay :D

    by , 9-22-13 at 8:53:45 PM (Thoughts of me myself and I)
    Got my warlord wand on my storm :DName:  Picture 2013-09-22 19-49-28.jpg
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  4. Long time no see blog.

    I feel like making a blog post, because.. I can. :P

    Soo.. my balance is 68 and in Zafaria (whoever desinged Zafaria collect quests needs to be punished for the cruelity it brings upon me.). I love balance, it's so fun to solo (..minus balance mobs..)

    My ice finally got done with Avalon, and is sitting in the beginnings of Azteca. I'm such a lazy quester it's not even funny.

    I ALSO FINALLY GOT THE TIKI MOUNT TODAY. You don't even understand how much I love this ...
  5. Part 2: Day 6: Ward pool complete

    by , 9-22-13 at 6:31:47 AM (Pets 101: Tips, Tricks and all things pets)
    For a while now I have been transferring talents to wizard city firecats, and have noticed that not only do talents transfer easily, but tend to stay. So, when I started working on ward talents, I had to clean them up 1st as it was impossible for me to know what had or hadnt transferred. To that end I isolated individual wards then rebuilt the pets with the wards and talents I was after....

    In a similar way, I cleaned up the pools with common and uncommon talents for this project and ...

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