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  1. hungry

    by , 3-21-11 at 7:24:28 PM (Random thoughts that appear in my head)
    grrr goes my stomach... I'm hungry to almost the point of nauseousness; and before you say anything i'm going to go get something to eat now

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    My life
  2. Abode


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  3. Melissa the Princess

    Well does anyone else see the irony in this robe.. (Hint: Look at the name and the design)
    On more on-topic news, Melissa is in Marleybone and is almost done with her journey. I only bought areas up to Hyde Park. So after Hyde Park it's Brooke's time to shine again!
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  4. Double-Whammy

    by , 3-21-11 at 9:18:35 AM (The Pharaoh's Chronicles)
    Yesterday I crafted my Myth's Grandmaster Gear, Legendary Life Helm & Armor, as well as Epic Ice Runners. Unfortunetly, I have to remake the Helm and Runners due to a stitching mistake, but I'm almost done with that even. Hopefully I can scratch together the gold for Springs and Minotaur Treasure Cards

    I also recieved my Balance Grandmaster Gear from Katherine Light! She did a wonderful favor for me, crafting my Harmonious Heart Helm & Armor, as well as my Lawful ...
  5. Wintertusk + Updates!

    This was meant to come out like, a week ago.. but I forgot about it.. until now.

    Wintertusk.. the 8th world? o:

    I like how they are continuing the GH storyline, let's just pray it wasn't a disaster like Grizzleheim was.. (the storyline in GH is actually quite good it was just.. rushed a bit. :P). Grandmother Raven will finally make her awaited entrance into the Sprial. This is quite cool because she has a key role in so many parts of the game (Bartelby's eye anyone.. we ...