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  1. Seriously!

    by , 4-29-11 at 4:58:22 AM (A Dark Blog)
    This is the 14th time i've battled Bastilla Gravenwynd And still no dark sprite!
    I'm starting to think she might not drop it.
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  2. Wintertusk!

    by , 4-28-11 at 10:14:20 PM (Artemis's Celestial Blog)
    I have to say, I'm impressed with Wintertusk. First, the artwork is wonderful. Along with that, the bosses are a nice challenge and the monsters take some effort. Though I haven't gotten my new spells yet, they look awesome! I'm also happy that KI's finally added female ravens and bears (haven't seen any female wolves, yet).

    Wintertusk isn't without its share of jokes and allusions. Noticed anything with the names Austrilund, Vestrilund, Nordilund, and Sundrilund? East, west, north ...
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  3. Bored

    Hi,I am bored and I can't stop listening to the super sayin 3 theme it is totally awesome!!!!!!!If you feel like listening to it here is the video [ame=""]YouTube - Dragonball Z - SSJ3 Theme[/ame] beautiful isnt it right?And tomorrow is the royal wedding.
  4. Wooot so excited!

    So next week my class and I are going to Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare festival. I am sooo excited because it is out of state and I'm away from my parents haha. But sadly we are not taking a plane but a 10 hour bus ride :\. Oooh good news the bus has a DvD player, bathroom, and fancy seats :d.

    I have never been to Ashland so I am really really really looking forward to it. Sadly we aren't allowed to bring our computers :(. Which means I will be gone from Monday the 2nd to Thursday ...
  5. because we ALL love a good steak...

    by , 4-28-11 at 5:56:49 PM (Fluorescent ▲dolescent)
    So hi, im feeling random x] which is the BEST way to feel, duh.

    so anyway, i was just thinking about how we can't eat food in game D: and i got really hungry with this intense, burning, crazy, ravenous, a tad rabid, craving for STEAK<3

    so dig in, everyone!

    it's filet mignon (;
    and yes,i am aware that it looks a little dry D:

    nomnomnom<3 ...