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  1. So fathers, don't let go of your daughters.

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    Swag is for boys. Class is for men.
    Sorry Amour, I had too ^^

    Welllllll, its the end of the year & you know what that means; PROJECTS. I hate projects with a burning passion. Like nu, I'm not gonna cram this project in the last 4 full days of school. ARE YOU CRAZY. pfft, teachers these days.
  2. LOTS of Pets

    by , 5-30-12 at 12:34:07 AM (The World of Insanity)
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    Hello there I am trying to get a lot of pets for my collection so if you are interested in helping that would be great ^^ Here is the list I need:
    Assailing Dragon
    Blue Spider
    Boar Knight
    Dastardly Magician
    Death Treant
    Dread Grimoire
    Dream Ghoul
    Ghost Dragon
    Golden Armored Skeleton
    Grim Scarab
    Lava Spider
    Muscled Cat
    Myth Banshee
    Myth Ghoul
    Onyx Shenlong Dragon
    Pink Jellyfish
    Primal Wildclaw
  3. Some people here >.>

    So I live in an apartment complex and theres people there (of course) and I've incountered many problems.

    I was meeting my friend at the pool and her dad was there and all. There was this guy who doesnt live here and he had his dog go in the pool. RULES SAY NO DOGS IN POOL! LOL!
    So after my friend and I got in, I saw him leting his dog drink out of the water.
    Me: REALLY!??!
    Guy: Really what?
    Lady: *grabs ...
  4. I'll be the juliet, you be the romeo.

    Girl meets boy.
    Girl and boy become best friends
    Girl and boy date other people.
    Girl and boy become even closer.
    Boy ends relationship with other girl.
    Girl still in relationship with other dude..
    Girl ends up getting cheated on.
    Girl leaves for vacation, single, & clears her head.
    Girl comes back unsure & ex wants her back.
    Girl rejects ex.
    Girl starts talking to the boy.
    Girl and boy start eventually liking each other. ...
    Real life things
  5. I know I can take your breath away

    Wheee 50th blog posteroo.. woohoo.
    Actually, I just took a 20 minute nap right infront of my computer awks.
    I'm not too crabby today.. although I lack sleep.
    Today is 5 months. wootwoot.
    If I can survive 5 months with Aussy, anyone can do anything(i'm not joking)
    Oh, i'm also learning sign language to the song Give Me Your Hand by The Ready Set.. its not too bad, I guess.
    thats about it.

    [ame=""]The ...

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    Real life things