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  1. radioactive

    Currently my new obsession song.
    Definitely will be searching for more EP albums, so much better than the stuff on the radio >-<

    But yea, tried my first green screen attempt with this, turned out pretty decent(:

    [ame=""]Wizard101- Radioactive - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Got a Userpage :)

    by , 9-7-12 at 1:46:33 PM (★ In the mind of a Wizard ★)
    Hey guys!

    I finally decided to buy a userpage you can see it here:

    It could use a lot of work thoguh! I would appreciate any decorating tips or links to your userpages for some inspiration.

    Thanks guys
  3. Scarecrow area 1 commons... empty..?

    by , 9-7-12 at 2:57:23 AM (★ In the mind of a Wizard ★)
    Usually scarecrow area one commons is a place filled with central members...

    Especially busy at the time I was there...

    But now that school is back in session it just isn't the same

    I think it would be nice if there were more wizard101 central get togethers, not just contests.

    I believe that if they were "official" parties more people would show up. I notice that everyone including myself tends to forget about ...

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  4. I love autumn

    by , 9-6-12 at 8:57:54 PM (Ice scream! (My diary))
    Like the season, you know?
    Reasons why:
    Apple cider <3
    Its cooler, but not so cold I can't eat ice cream :D
    The colorful leaves falling off the trees
    My pretty sweaters :D
    Being able to curl up under the covers on cool weekends

    School notes:
    Bleeeeh. I am drowning in work... I already lost something for my science teacher, and I have to play catch up with something in reading because I forgot it ...
  5. September

    by , 9-6-12 at 7:48:14 PM (A Wizard Point of View)
    There are a lot of reasons to like September..
    [LIST][*]It's the start of the fall season[*]It means cooler weather and not super sizzling hot days[*]It means I can wear my sweater more[*]It's also the month of my birthday (:[/LIST]
    I seriously cannot wait for September 21st!! So exciting!

    Here's a fun picture for people:


    *On a random wizard101 ...