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  1. Gamer Paladin!


    Trying to buy the new Gamer Paladin :P 500 GB Dard Drive! =O

    EH Heh, i am a big gamer :) I Play loads of games! (more than 5) :)

  2. LOVE The updates!

    [COLOR=green]There are so many updates that I love I can't keep up with them! Mounts, new crown shop, new potions, booster packs, henchmen, costumes and so much more! KI has really out done themselves this time! This is the best update so far! Thanks KI for listening to us and accepting our ideas and making them come ture!:25::thumbup1:[/COLOR]
  3. Test realm fun!

    by , 10-2-09 at 7:20:00 PM (A wizards thoughs.)
    The test realm has opened and IMO it is KI's best additions yet! I see nothing wrong for now be side some minor bugs but i love it! I took a picture of me transformed, look!
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    Statues are now tradable! Also i love the new transformation!
    I love this, thanks KI!

    Updated 10-2-09 at 7:35:29 PM by Blake

  4. 10/2/09 - Tricks, Towers, and Treats

    by , 10-2-09 at 4:23:56 PM (The Earthstrider Journal)
    As you all know the Halloween decorations and quests finally arrived yesterday!

    You got your ghosts, your scarecrows, your pumpkins, your scary towers, you got everything!

    There are quite a bit of fun quests to do from Jack Hollow. Such as running around finding pumpkins in various areas, or catching different colored ghosts that are flying around. It's all quite fun. Your usually rewarded with some gold, or a black cat treasure card.

    One of the more difficult ...
  5. First Blog Entry!

    Hello peoples!

    My first blog entry so far :) What should this blog be about? SOme ideas i had are:

    [B]"The blog of the Guitarist Master"[/B]
    A blog about guitar tips, chords, diagrams, etc.

    Or a blog about wizard101 and random stuff i do, basically what you would put on twitter, except longer of course! :P:euro::euro: