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  1. How does a 3v4 duel work?

    by , 2-1-10 at 9:41:39 PM (A Wizard Point of View)
    It pretty much started out with me logging in and was standing inside the old arena. I don't quite remember how exactly I ended up there but oh well. What happened next was my friend Taylor* ported to me, then Nicholas, and Michael, and eventually, Edward. I love when my friends ported randomly lol.

    Suddenly, I found myself dueling. I'm not exactly sure how it ended up 3v4 but no matter, the match was really fun. Taylor (myth), me (life), and another dude name James (death) ended up ...

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  2. Duncan is progresing pretty fast

    by , 2-1-10 at 3:19:27 PM (The Triton's Parchment)
    Hey guys I made my new wizard Duncan Titanshard and he seems to be progressing pretty fast in my eyes. He is currently level 35, almost 36, and I plan to get him to grandmaster before February Vacation. Anyone else make a new wizard? If so which school? Duncan is Fire.
  3. February - A new month!!

    by , 2-1-10 at 11:04:29 AM (As Time Passes You By)
    It's a new month people!! Can you believe it's already been 31 days of the year 2010?? I know I can't! OK so this month I plan to have a new month resolution. lol Also On W101 I plan to get Tabitha to level 50, and defeat the game and finally get a Life house! Just 90,000 more coins to go!! T.T lol

    Also On W101 I'm creating a new Wizard, I've already made a fire wizard, but I stopped her at level 25, cause I don't really like fire anymore, but I might go back to her later.

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  4. Amazing Hit

    by , 2-1-10 at 3:31:25 AM (Moonhunter's Minutes)
    Alright so tonight i was bored. As many are when they do crazy things. Well i had seen videos of people getting major experience with a battle against a lost soul. so i decided to try this out with a few tweaks in it.

    First: i wanted it to be a huge amount of damage. so i packed my deck with nothing but Hex, Feint, Power Play, Helping Hands, Shields, Traps, One Spectral Blast and Two Reshuffles.

    Well first thing is i accidenttly left my wand equipped so ...

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  5. Update

    by , 1-31-10 at 11:07:53 PM (Chaotic Chaos Blog)
    Well, I got Daniel BattleHeart to my fisrt Master Artisan :) I won 2 more wizard101central PvP tournaments as well :)
    I will be starting a new wiz soon and put some updates on him. It's my fire the LightHeart Legacy lol.
    Cya soon.