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1) my school is bad at pvp so the devs must hate it!!!!!!!!!11!!!1oneone!!1one2twothree

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The reason Kingsisle implemented this change is because they absolutely hate good Death PvP players. No... think about it for just a second. The main villain of the storyline is a Necromancer and they've nerfed and reworked Death's spells the most out of the 7 schools. Why would they choose a Necromancer as the villain out of the 7 schools instead of a Star School or Sun School villain? Why would they not allow drain spells to take the full value, reduce Beguile's duration from 2nd, nerf Call of Khrulhu, give no aftereffects on damage spells, and now finally rework juju to make it so you take a minimum of 1250 damage per cast?

Kingsisle's reason is simply because if you give a Death wizard some viable tools in PvP, they will be too overpowered and make them much more annoying than they already are. That is Kingsisle's PoV, not mine; and neither do I agree with it because that simply wouldn't happen if that were the case. Think about a Death jade right now, they're not very difficult to beat but they have two things that KI absolutely despises: annoyingness and defense.

A Death jade is already annoying enough with their debuffs and utility but it's much worse if you happen to face one that's actually good. They make the entire match a living nightmare for you and you just want to quit the match and move on. However people don't realize that the strategy is much easier to beat than they think and much more counterable than the angel strat. Death is suppose to be annoying, that's the entire role of the school. If I can't spam you down with debuffs in 1v1 or team then what can I actually do as a jade?

Another thing that Kingsisle hates is excessive defense which the Death school is quite known for. KI is dictating an insanely offensive meta where matches should last a few minutes and this is not how you properly balance PvP. The meta past level 100 is basically wait for a shadow pip, Shrike, and spam them down with as many hits until you can execute. Wait, I forgot to mention that it is all RNG based and the match will go in the favor of the one who has more shadow pips rather than the one who has better stats, better strategy and more experience. Does this sound fair to you at all? There is too much offense that defense can't compete in this meta except lower level PvP and even then the defense is a bit much. All this disaster started when they introduced shadow pips and Shrike instead of lowering the resist on gear.

But hey, the hate on juju is fine but don't you dare touch heal spamming Life angels, lore spamming Balance's, trap stacking Fire's, and shield spamming Ice's.
2) Archiving my final P101C post will probably get me banned here, so I'll settle for the hilarious ban prompt.

I realize that by doing this, Jester will probably be buttmad and ban me here too, so I will be archiving this archive elsewhere. If I were a nitwit, I'd say "archiveception" but that's trite so instead I'll go with nothing and end it here. May my account requiescat in pace.