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  1. Time to Farm for.... Christmas Elf?

    by , 4-24-12 at 3:39:55 AM (A Dark Blog)
    Well guys not much going on because I'm in school and I'm really only gardening. However I found out that Happy Holidaisy can drop a Christmas Elf at elder. Plus they reseed too! This means I can plant the 15 seeds I have in my Attic, elder harvest for seeds and then if I dont get one, plant the seeds I get! This was I can get a free first generation Christmas Elf.
  2. I need a change.

    I need a haircut. So bad since my hair is so long that it could touch my shorts, even people keep telling me, "Woah your hair grew long is that natural hair?" Since my hair is to long it doesn't have that style anymore and that style I use to have, LOTS of people copied and i'm not exaggerating but lots of them have my hairstyle and started dying hair like I use to do but I re-dyed my hair back since its getting old and i'm growing up more and I wont look so much of a model with pink hair ...

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  3. My Review of the Emperor's Attic Pack

    by , 4-23-12 at 8:53:46 PM (★ In the mind of a Wizard ★)
    As most of us know, a new Hoard pack was released today called the Emperor's Hoard Pack.

    This is in no way something I suggest spending your crowns on.

    This is purely a furniture pack. 90ish percent of people don't care much for housing in the game (from what I have seen) so I don't see how KI intends on making much of a profit here.

    Especially since 92 percent of the items can be purchased in the bazzar.

    This pack contains no gear, mounts, ...
  4. cast of PJ2: the movie: the new cast

    by , 4-23-12 at 7:02:54 PM (Peter's Blog of Epicness)
    Hermes: Nathan fillon
    Clarisse: Leven ramblin
    Tyson: douglas smith[SIZE=1]
    [SIZE=2]Thalia: Paloma Kwiatkowski
    Polyphemus: robert maillet

    Left out the fates and the other minor characters. Stay right here for PJ2 Updates, Unless my Blog runs out of time near june or sometime.
  5. Gambling isn't a new thing

    by , 4-23-12 at 6:31:32 PM (Sarafina's blog)
    Some people say that these packs are teaching kids to gamble. I don't believe those people because in the old days, there would be these sports packs and people would buy them hoping to get a certain card. These were way back in the 1970s+, probably even earlier than that. Do you think packs teach kids to gamble?

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