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  1. Emperor's Attic Pack Raffle

    by , 4-24-12 at 10:33:38 PM (★ In the mind of a Wizard ★)
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    Raffling off one of the new, amazing Emperor's Attic Packs!

    Just Say enter me and you'll be entered

    Raffle ends in a week

    With over 60 NEW items, our new MooShu themed game card pack is filled to the brim with housing items!

    Decorate your Wizard castle with these cool new housing items from the Emperor's Attic Pack! Each pack contains a chance to get new items including the brand new Tag Game!

    Just some of the cool

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  2. Rant :3

    I have reached 630 posts already now I was on my last post and I saw my gem thing and I was still a journey man, I have been that for over like 2 years. Now I look at the ranking and they moved it up be 20 more posts. eh..

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  3. HUMBUG!! D:

    (The title I dont know what it even means but I heard it in a movie) Since hurricane Irene struck ct they add 7 more days of school so instead of school ending in the 18 (monday) its gonna end on wednesday witch is the 27. I most likley wont go and its unfair and no one really does learning things in the last week of school. :3

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  4. Let's Talk About Treasure Cards

    Alright, if you could please fill out the survey below and PM it to me, that would be great. :)

    What is your favorite Treasure Card:

    What do you think is the most useful Treasure Card and why:

    Do you sell Treasure Cards on Central?:

    Is there a certain Treasure Card that you really really want?:

    Thanks guys! :D
  5. The Noob of Noobs

    So my third account got a gift card and I decided to use it for a month's subscription. I finally finish Wizard City on Mark Noobshard (Frost), and head to Krok. Now I leveled to 15 and I've never been in the Sultan or Sun Palace, so I redeem the Sun Palace and check it out... Whoa! This house was enormous and I love the "Give you treasure Gorilla." Since I got the new house, I decided to try Gardening for the first time. I currently have 3 small plants going but I plan on continuing. ...