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  1. Today's The Day

    I'm a year older than I was yesterday, y'all.

    Sooo I started my day by going to the stables and cleaning out all the stalls and just about killing my back, but it's alright.
    I got back home, took a shower, aaand at 2 PM I went to the movies to go see the new Percy Jackson movie, Sea of Monsters, with Bubbles
    I almost cried at a certain part.

    AND I got Night Visions, which I've been wanting for a while, so yeeeaayayay ...
  2. misc

    before i start, this is the brilliant song which i'm currently in love with:

    my friend introduced it to me and i literally fell in love.

    i've discovered some really amazing music recently, like katie sky, the ready set, we the kings and a lot more, i even discovered the song which had echoed in my mind for a while, from an advert or something, so yeah.

    about 5 days ...
  3. we don't belong here

    [COLOR=#000000]1. favourite colour?
    green and grey
    2. favourite quote?
    never let life kill your spark-
    crown the empire
    3. favourite smell?
    apple pie
    4. favourite animal?
    5. favourite season?
    6. favourite tv show?
    um, i dont watch tv HOWABOUTCATFISH
    7. favourite book?
    reading is for scrubs
    8. favourite song?
    Hush Now 501 remix- L.A.O.S
    wasted youth- secrets
    Wisteria- Hands like Houses ...

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  4. quiz & updates

    {creds to izoberu for the following quizamajig after the intro---

    seems awkward to blog after a long hiatus.
    but i decided that it was time i blogged again.

    1. favourite colour?
    aqua blue.
    2. favourite quote?
    any hg quote basically. like, (from the movie) haymitch says, "well look at you. you just killed a placemat" xD
    3. favourite smell?
    vanilla, i suppose. or the smell of aldi's (its a grocery store

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  5. Theme 14: Smile

    yes! i finally got a theme done!

    first time (finished) rough painting, i'm kind of proud of how it ended up, even though it is incredibly rough.
    about a 1 hour speedpaint.
    paint tool sai and edited in photoshop elements 11.