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  1. my hot laptop. burrrrn baby burn d:

    by , 1-24-11 at 9:47:25 PM (Fluorescent ▲dolescent)
    So, i recently discovered that my laptop overheats when playing w101 x.x
    which is, of course, a HUGEE pain o; because, at random times when i notice the game is staring to freeze up, i have to use my laptop at an awkk angle so that it it propped between my knees which makes it ridiculously hard to type.rawr.
    at which point, i type SOOOOO slow that people think i'm either dying, dead, or afk o:
    its really quite sad, and has been causing be trouble for quiteee some time now. not ...
  2. My Epic Tower. Of Epicness. That's Epic.

    by , 1-24-11 at 8:26:11 PM (Random Thoughts From a Random Guy.)
    Well, when you have a lot of time on your hands, you can do a lot.

    Betcha can't beat this tower.
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  3. Opps

    by , 1-24-11 at 2:52:57 AM (A Dark Blog)
    Sorry forgot the link to bid, here it is
  4. Darn school

    by , 1-24-11 at 2:52:09 AM (A Dark Blog)
    well since there is school, i won't post a lot during the week. However during the weekend I will post a lot. Also click the link below for my sandstorm pack highest bid so far is 5 fg includes 4 sandstorm and 1 powerplay.
  5. Science Center: Check!

    I finished the Science Center today. Really I must say easiest area in CL so far. I only required help on the last boss of the area. Now, that I have all my best equips and such it's a breeze. This is my strategy for the average mob battle:

    Storm Blade (30% to Storm)
    Elemental Blade (+35% to elemental schools)
    Vengance (Critical Chance Boost 20%)
    Storm Lord/Tempest

    That does somewhere between 2,000-2,800
    2,800 if I critical. I did the math and ...