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  1. Farming, Pets, and crafting

    by , 3-12-11 at 12:05:57 PM (Boring notes of an awesome pyromancer)
    Hey everyone,

    I've been farming for the elven gear the past few days. I got the robe and boots, but the hat isn't showing up. But I've learned one thing: you know you've been farming to long when you get 40,000 gold from wizard city bosses :6:. The whole purpose of the gear is the look. I need good looking gear for all my wizards for a sig I'm making, and the elven gear is for my death.

    I've stopped crafting the celestia house to work on pets. I've decided my goal is to ...
  2. Yesterday earthquakes

    I made a post so can you help and make a change for the world.Well for Japan,you can donate watch Cnn they will help and you can make a change also.
  3. Today....

    by , 3-12-11 at 12:53:21 AM (Life of a Sackboy)
    Today, I made a new wizard. Luke GreenHorn, a now lvl. 3 life wizard! More to come on him soon!

    We need to pray for those people in Japan, and the shockwaves of that earthquake.

    And also, happy spring break! (To you lucky ducks who got it...)
  4. Vas


    [SIZE="2"][CENTER]I think this song goes with my page pretty well, lol. So, this is what I listen to. Of course I also love musicians like Ma Rainey, Tommy Johnson, LaVern Baker, etc; but I love this kind of music also. I'll probably be posting a new video every day or something.[/CENTER][/SIZE]

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  5. f2p PARTYY..sorta

    by , 3-11-11 at 11:57:57 PM (Fluorescent ▲dolescent)
    So, my daddy's credit card expired this month, and we haven't entered in his new credit card info. So, as of today, I am a free to play player until further notice. which means nooooo open chattt xD
    i haven't logged yet, because I'm kinnda scared of the thought of not having open o:
    I'm hoping we update my accounts soon though :\ because i really need to lvl my ice [so i can get my snow angel before isaac hehhehhehe]

    love always,