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  1. irritated

    [COLOR=White]Hi Wizards,

    well so far today is the third day home sick :( and well i am having a bad day. i want to let it all out of my system about things i hate and stuff but if i do it on here ill get in trouble. i can talk about one thing that is making me mad though. (but to all artists it is just my opinion.)

    i am irritated with cnc. every time i post a cnc people always (most though, not all) hate it. before i take my work i have done i show it to two people. 1. ...

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  2. Foiled Again

    by , 3-16-11 at 11:44:03 AM (Whatever is on my Mind)
    So battle 769 with Jade Oni for his mini me, again no pet for me, but as I usually bring my wifes account with for the drops so she can have gold, gets another one. She has received at least 2-3 of the pets from me bringing her along when I go and she is not home. I have brought her with probably about 100 times, give or take, so her odds of getting the pet are good, mine just horrible.
  3. Sick Stinks

    by , 3-16-11 at 9:12:27 AM (Thoughts of me myself and I)
    Too bad for me, me, my sister, and some friends are sick :( It stinks.
    Hopefully i'll be better tomorrow. it's Thursday Gymnastics night :D :)

    New segment starting today. Face of the day!

    Today's is this :dunno: Tune in next time for more of my thoughts
  4. Introducing GodWiz's Blog

    [SIZE=3][FONT=Tahoma][B]Hello Wizard101central. I have just created my blog on wizard101central to show my wizard101 pictures and also to talk about what I am doing in the game currently.

    Thanks :)
  5. From Heaven to Dust

    [CENTER]A song by Azam Ali:

    The leaves tell
    Of the flower's death
    Of the hours spent
    In this graveyard
    No one tending to its pain
    No one tending to its shame

    Your eyes tell
    Of a star's death
    Its house drained
    Of old memories
    Of the night holding within its claim
    The light pending to pay its debt [/CENTER]