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  1. Oyotomi's Theory of Separation

    My Theory Of Separation has to do with the 3 basic reasons why Matthew Ogrecoin, Marcus Firetail, Samuel Silvershade, and Myself, broke up and became mortal enemies. It's quite interesting as we were best of friends, and now we're just hating each other for no reason. Well turns out there's a simple explanation to all of it. It's my Theory of Separation and it's composed of 3 Basic Words...

    My Theory of Separation:

    Power, Love, Fame

    As you know, in clans, ...
  2. Burn

    by , 4-15-11 at 11:15:35 PM (Life of a Sackboy)
    I have a new story on central! Heres a link:
  3. Abuse of the Game

    [quote=Michael Ice;1950630]I saw on your description you said something simmilar to telling KI to shut the game down completley.
    Here are my thoughts of the problems, etc.

    [U][B]The Word "Noob":[/B] This word is used waaaay too much in waaaay to harsh meanings. Personally, I don't like the word "noob." I think KI should take Noob out of the chat filter, it is getting way to out of hand. The word may only mean "beginner" but its used with different ...
  4. You guys are going to hate me but....

    [ame=""]YouTube - Rebecca Black - Friday (OFFICIAL VIDEO)[/ame]

    I'm so devious ^^

    Good News: I decided to work on Brooke.
    Bad News: No clue how much I'm going to work on her :P
  5. A Closer Look at the Spinyfish

    by , 4-14-11 at 10:39:45 PM (Artemis's Celestial Blog)
    First, I'm back after several months of inactivity with a new name, a new title, and a new topic! I'll try to post here weekly at a minimum.

    [B]A Closer Look at the Spinyfish

    [/B] You're probably familiar with the Spinyfish pet. Costing either 6,200 crowns or a long time farming Cuthalla, is it really worth it? I think it is.

    In a Pet Derby match, it's probably not my first choice (though it's better than others), but its talents are a Storm wizard's dream. ...

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