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  1. Level 40 at Last!

    by , 4-17-11 at 12:24:07 PM (Artemis's Celestial Blog)
    My lowest-level wizard, Lauren Stargem, is now at Level 40! For a while, she'd been stuck on the Cave of Solitude, but she finished that yesterday. Now she's on Kishibe Village with a shiny new Master Conjurer badge. My Oakheart farming didn't turn out to be such a waste of time after all, thanks to the myth elegant robe I received from it.
  2. James Earthgem tracker!

    by , 4-17-11 at 9:32:09 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    Wizard101 charictor: James Earthgem
    Status: [COLOR=lime]ONLINE[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black]Previous realm: N/A[/COLOR]
    Current realm: Gamma
    Previous location: N/A
    Current location: The Commons

    If you find me: Im legendary pyromancer badge title, i have the ice wand that does 120 dam. I have 15 resist to ice + storm, and my critical rating for fire is 140 or 146.

    Also shout out Earthgem, its (YOUR NAME) from central.

    Then i ...

    Updated 4-18-11 at 6:29:20 AM by James Earthgem

  3. Grizzleheim or Celestia?

    by , 4-17-11 at 4:06:07 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    [quote=deathcon;1956529]Since i finished Ds with my fire & balance wizard.
    which world do you think i should start doing and
    with what wizard should i begin Grizzleheim or Celestia[/quote]

    Well starting the question of the week.

    Well heres my answer:

    If your wizards are level 50 - I reccomend leveling up half :) so 50 and a half eg: u need 1000 xp for next level, 50% is 500 so you need to earn that to get 50%

    Do that ...
  4. Welcome to my blog!

    by , 4-17-11 at 2:47:13 AM (A wizards Progression!)
    Hello everyone of wizard101 central :D

    Im James Earthgem, I joined in March 2011. I found out about wizard101 in February but i only gave it a go in March, its been 5 weeks and im allready a level 60 on 2 charictors :)

    I hope you Enjoy reading my blog and i hope it gets lots of folllowers/subscribers!

    James Earthgem - Level 60 fire - Celestia
    Brandon Shadow - Level 60 balance - Celestia
    Wolf lifegem - Level 57 Life - Celestia ...
  5. Back

    by , 4-17-11 at 1:11:07 AM (I have a bad feeling about this)
    [SIZE=4]I'm back, what else is there to say. But, I really loved the trip I went on. Not telling about it though. But there was great food, and great things. [/SIZE]