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  1. The blast of evolution elements

    by , 4-20-11 at 5:27:40 PM (Comalack's Corner)
    I have no idea why I chose this title, Just felt cool.

    Chapter 1~ The End
    The Blast of Darkness and Light hit each other, Brother and brother shed blood, The hero's have gone, nobody can save us now, we must keep life going. "This is madness!" The genreal of the left flank says, "How are we suppose to beat them! They are immortal!" The last part of humanity was going away fast, the machines were closing in, the revolt of the humans were now dead. "How ...
  2. Illustrated Guide for The New Crown Gear.

    New Crown Gear Guide!



    New Crown Gear has arrived in the spiral. Our Crown shops have ...
  3. No school today!!

    It's strange to have a day off in the middle of the week, but exciting nonetheless. Today is the anniversary of the Columbine massacre and that's part of the reason I have the day off. I live in a county near the one where Columbine happened and the high schools aren't particularly lucky on this day. Because of teacher comp time and this indecent, I have today off. Sadly though, I still have a lot of homework due tomorrow and some other work I have to do but I can't complain. :clap:

  4. DS

    by , 4-20-11 at 11:32:51 AM (Diary of a girl)
    For some reason I cannot explain I detest this world. I don't know why, perhaps it's a generation raised on super mario that makes you know, just KNOW that a world is not a place you want to be when there is lava involved. Or perhaps it's the number of balance minions in this world that's throwing me off.

    My first player being balance, the one I'm learning with, I've had the serious advantage that most of the bosses aren't balance, there are no real blocks for balance except A, resistance ...
  5. homework= :P

    by , 4-20-11 at 8:19:19 AM (A Dark Blog)
    So now it's random smiley time!!!!!

    and now my fav smiley :340:

    thought this might cheer any of you guys who have da homework blues (would have more smileys but u can only have 15 so...)