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  1. Kishibe village

    Me and my friend jake got to Kishibe village, along the way, I noticed, my wand looked liek falco from the star fox series! we started to fight Kyuto. Than Jake pulled out his new Fire minion, Tom. Than I used Centaur. aka Captain red beard. Well thats all for now, I gotta go to the doctor.
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  2. My status

    Right now since you want to know (if you dont then i dont mind)
    lvl-48, 1, 16, 21, 31
    Chase SpiritWielder Mythwielder FireWielder LegendWielder and DeathStaff
    Now working on- All worlds except Marleybone and Grizzleheim
    Houses-Imperial Palace(SpiritWielder) MB small home(MythWielder)
    Arena-10-11, 0-1, 1-1, 0-0
    Filming with- Fraps and Camtasia
  3. John IceBlades Journey

    Ok... I still gotta find out how this works..... And One thing is thank you a lot Ironhawk for buying me this... I guess I will be posting about what my wizards getting to new places...
  4. Who killed him?

    by , 8-5-09 at 10:43:46 AM (A wizards thoughs.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Zzany View Post
    lol! sorry. and i am glad to see this thead doing so well!
    A man was found murdered one Sunday morning.
    His wife immediately called the police.
    The police questioned the wife and staff and was given these alibis:

    The Wife said she was in bed reading a book.
    The Cook claimed she cooking breakfast.
    The Gardener claimed he was planting seeds.
    The Maid claimed she was getting the mail.
    The Butler claimed he polishing the silver.
  5. The Story of Ian Dragonrider Previews and Stuff Blog!

    Hai guyz!

    Ok, I have just spent a lot of hard earned gold (Logging in every day is a lot of work! LOL) on a blog, for my story so I don't have to post previews and stuff on the actual thread.

    I don't exactly have any previews today becuase it's only 6:30 AM but I will have one ready for tomorrow.

    SPOILER: Ha I tricked you!
    There is ooonnnnneeee preview but it's not about the book.
    I'm currently ...