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  1. My Wiki Experience

    by , 11-9-10 at 3:59:25 PM (EnlightenedShadow - Wiki Master's Blog)
    Hello all!

    I figured since this is my first post on this blog, and not many of you know me very well, I would start out with a history about myself and my presence at the wiki.

    I understand this is a really long post, but if you guys will just start reading maybe you will want to finish it.

    I have been playing Wizard101 for a little over a year. Shortly after I started, I noticed Central. I didn't think much of it. I wasn't really into forums that ...

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  2. Prep For Death!

    I am currently power questing(doing mains like mad) my death in krok for poison. I am getting him ready to start up in the 18-27 ladder.

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  3. Why do Sea Dragons Clap a Lot? (Part 1)

    by , 8-10-11 at 1:51:44 AM (Tales of an Adept Ice Duelist vs. All Legends)
    I canít believe that only two days have passed since I last wrote to you. So many things have passed. Itís amazing how much can pass in short time. It reminds me of that fight I had with Chris Stormrider today, the one that lasted all of three turns. All that I remember was that there was a pool of water licking at my ankles and I was safely ensconced within a conviction bubble on turn 3:


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  4. Why do Sea Dragons Clap a Lot? (Part 2)

    by , 8-10-11 at 2:35:18 AM (Tales of an Adept Ice Duelist vs. All Legends)
    You know what they say about lives and their accuracy. Prof. Moolinda's answer seemed more accurate:

    So then I ran out of the Life School thinking... Prof. Wu must be right! Queen Taz does cast a lot of spritely after all, no? But then I bumped into Prof. Whethersfield and I decided to make absolutely certain that I had the right answer:


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  5. One Way Or Another

    My banner-making site thingy isn't working and I'm upset.
    No more banners. ):

    I said I'd make my blog red if I named it this.
    Red was too hard on my eyes,
    So psfhtshhhftsshttp.

    I'm pleased with the dark dreary gray.
    But Yaknow,
    It is very dark.

    So, I haven't blogged in two days.
    That's about it.

    ~Mandelore Majere