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  1. All is well when end well?

    Ok my play was good. We messed up in act 2 but we improvised good, I didnt mess up and everything seemed fine
    Good times
  2. Smile.jpg

    Odd creepypasta going around, anyone know what the heck it is?????
  3. Two hours..

    Well today is my show for drama. I'm not nervous but excited since I've been waiting 3 months for this. Wish me luck!

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  4. Teachers

    Well there are two teachers in my school who seem to not care about me or want me to really fail there class. Math, my math teacher seems to be nice to all the people who are bullies and nice to people who even talk rude things behind her back. She would mostly attend to one of those rude people first and she would always say compliments to them and would help them. Now with the rest of the class who are good and silent or maybe its just me. My math teacher would ignore me when I have my hand raised ...
    Bad times
  5. Subs or Crowns: What is right for you

    by , 5-3-12 at 10:01:32 PM (Whatever is on my Mind)
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    Cowns vs Subs, the age old discussion. Here is a quick breakdown to figure out which is best suited for you.
    First the Pros and drawbacks of each:

    *Complete access to the entire game while your account is under a subscription. All areas included. You can quest in any area, you can port to your friends to help them in their battles for experience or farming (a term used to describe battling the same boss/MOB over and over looking for a specific drop or