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  1. Bad Day

    Hey everybody, I had a bad day today. Got tons of homework. And I a really stressed. School stinks :P
  2. Elder Fickle Pickle Garden Harvest

    by , 3-22-11 at 7:22:53 PM (The Pharaoh's Chronicles)
    Heres what I got from all my 28 Pickles

    10 Have yet to reach it, I'll add theirs on when they do.

    Big Squash - Rank 4
    Wormy Apple - Rank 4
    Pizza - Rank 2
    Super Cold Popsicle (x3) - Rank 5
    Taco Town Special (x2) - Rank 5
    Arrow Root (x2) - Rank 4
    Grilled Cheese - Rank 4
    Star Cookie (x2) - Rank 5
    Fries - Rank 3
    Frosted Drakes Cereal - Rank 6
    Cow Pie (x2) - Rank 4
    Spicy Bubblegum (x2) - Rank ...

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  3. Sharing Wizard101Central Username/Password

    by , 3-22-11 at 4:04:49 PM (Mike's Blog)
    [COLOR=black]Incase someone missed this additional rule:[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black]*Do not share your Wizard101 Central user name or password. Our automated system alerts us to members logging in as each other. If we notice you are doing this [U]all accounts involved will be banned[/U]*
    [COLOR=black] [/quote][/COLOR]

    Rules can be found [URL=""]here[/URL].
  4. Hagia Sophia

    No, not the basilica... the song. :D


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  5. Too Many Projects.... A rant

    by , 3-22-11 at 3:20:48 PM (Random thoughts that appear in my head)
    I start back to school for spring quarter next tuesday (yay one week till school!!!); I have so many things going on in my life right now it's not even funny any more here is a glimpse into my life:

    Knitting: I love to knit and crochet but lately I've been starting projects and have a ton of them on hold... to name a few:
    • entrelac scarf
    • socks
    • burp cloth for friend
    • A KAL that was supposed to be finished in February
    • washcloths
    and these are the ones I've started ...
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