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  1. My Pets!

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    (Reworking on this).

    Hai there!
    I've seen people post their pet list here before.
    I'd like to keep track of which pets I've collected & still need!

    Color Code;

    Need to collect.
    Already collected.

    **If anyone still sees any I didn't list, please let me know!!
    **Or if there's any errors, like missed an unhatchable pet or something.

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    Updated 6-5-20 at 1:25:37 AM by Paige Skyhaven

  2. Grace Under Pressure

    It was really a whim that made me post on central that I was thinking of starting a blog. Not that I've never THOUGHT of starting one before. I have. Ever since I saw the movie Julia and Julie, I had two thoughts about blogs - that would be neat and that could get me in trouble! But when I saw that Central allowed for blogs I thought ok, its there - try it - all you have to do is collect 200 gold and I thought - hey - I have PLENTY of time to think about it at 0.5 gold per response. Then a kind ...
  3. Beast Masters: Max Stats 2.0 Pets!

    Quote Originally Posted by SavannahDarkHeart View Post
    Beast Masters

    Max Stats 2.0 Pets
    New Max Stats: (255, 250, 260, 260, 250)
    Are Coming Soon!!!
    Please keep an eye on this thread for near future updates and important
    details on how to request your hatch as soon as the they are available!

    Here are just a few photos of the
    "New" Max Stats 2.0 pets
    that your participating fellow Beast Masters have to offer!

    Beast Master's Eagle
  4. Thinking Cap

    Well I am not yet ready for mega at all on that life project but thought I needed to make a in the middle post. In whale of a tale I had these for base pets.

    I ended up with Unicorn popping when I hatched them together so I had to use power of 3 again.
    I got these back:
    Owling Around

    by , 2-20-16 at 2:52:21 AM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Okay, I've had a personal project that's been going since October. I've referred to it as Empathica, but it's a working title. The plot circles around the Legendary Rose of the Trisphere (OC world) being called to a moon to find out what was calling them, suspected to be Taryn's dead twin brother, Eli Roberts. Kinda goes down the drain really quickly, though.

    It's also my first ever story NOT to be set in one point of view. I've circled between thirteen people to try and get a piece ...