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  1. The Best Blogs List - Forever Changing

    by , 1-31-10 at 10:10:19 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    I have been paying attention to the best blogs list for a while now, and it seems that everyday it changes. Right now its this order

    [/URL] [URL=""]The Random Pip[/URL]
    [IMG][/IMG][*] ...
  2. Fighting Bosses

    by , 1-31-10 at 4:36:26 PM (Moonhunter's Minutes)
    I've always wondered what the chances are of finding a crown item from a boss. So i tried Swiftarrow on Firecat Alley. Went 5 times and still haven't gotten a crown item from him. Grrr! how long does it take to get an item from him! xD

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  3. David Skullshield

    So far he is krokotopia. Were not moving quick. Just taking my time and relaxing xD.
    On this post Ill post what Current quest and XP i get from quest and what boss drops i get.
    I am currently lvl 13 and I am online

    Updated 2-1-10 at 8:39:13 AM by Sir Professor Blaze

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  4. What is YOUR favorite pet?

    by , 1-31-10 at 5:35:28 AM (Jack Shadowheart's Magical Blog!)
    [B]Welcome to Jack's Daily Topic posts!

    Today's Topic - Favorite Pet!

    Go ahead and put down your favorite pet in Wizard101!

    Personally, I love the Jade Oni..And the little Unicorns![/B] :hug008:
    Don't forget to subscribe for daily updates!

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  5. 1/31/10 at 3 am

    My neck hurts, yet I'm not tired. I have been farming for Black Lotus for about an hour, and I have collected 72 and gotten 3 Black Pearls, which now totals up to 8 Black Pearls. I'll have more by no exchange for some quality sleep time. I'm also quite bored and wanting a mount (40,000 more gold to go, the Ravens give quite nice gold). All in all, I probably should go to sleep, but I don't feel like it. I also learned that some people can be really annoying. Like for instance...someone ...