A Curious Life

  1. Beginning Days...

    by , 6-22-14 at 11:44:17 PM (A Curious Life)
    Oh Lord. I was bored today so i went to check on my earlier threads/posts from when I first started, and I was so different. Those werent my best moments. Thankfully, ive changed. But I cringe whenever I see something that I created/posted in 2011.
  2. Casually Appearing

    by , 6-20-14 at 6:50:15 PM (A Curious Life)
    Havent been on here in forever it feels like. 2012 was 2 years ago. :o I did quit W101, i havent had time to get on and i school and sports are taking up my life. Like i have no social life whatsoever. I still make time to come on here and answer any posts i can. (Though most of them relate to the game and i would look like a fool actually trying to answer them). Anyway, so many things have changed since I came back on. THE STORE GOT FIXED. LIKE WHAT IN THE WORLD. but im not gonna ...
  3. 2012 comes in with a bang!

    by , 1-1-12 at 9:13:05 PM (A Curious Life)
    Welll as you all know it...2012 is finally here (: !
    This is a year for me to try and fix my mistakes and improve my strength and friendships with other people.
    To make it even better,even though Denver lost to KC,Oakland their game,which made Denver clinch a spot in the Play-offs!
    Hope everyone has a good year!

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  4. Merry Christmas! (and bye..)

    by , 12-7-11 at 9:03:03 PM (A Curious Life)
    Well first off want to say Merry Christmas to everyone (:..
    Hope you guys get everything you want.
    Second..My gymnastics is getting serious enough to make me spend at least 30-35 hours in the gym every week..
    With that happening..can't get on very much. So I wanna say thank you to my wonderful friends here (:
    And thanks W101C For having me here..It was a blast!

  5. Halloween (:

    by , 10-30-11 at 6:57:01 PM (A Curious Life)
    Excited for tomorrow (:
    Being the scream with my friends,about time Halloween came,probably one of my favorite Holidays if it counts as one.
    Anyway I know i haven't been writing in this that much but I have been busy with my life,yes I have a life xd
    I am probably gonna try to write in once a month,well bye (:
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