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  1. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    R.I.P Carlos!
    Though, I'm glad to see you're getting right back on the horse!
  2. Alex JadeRider's Avatar
    This character will rock central tournaments? First time for everything I suppose. Good luck. Maybe someday you can get a tournament win under your belt
  3. aliszews's Avatar
    Glad to see someone at least a bit cheerful and not glum because they were banned
  4. Kris's Avatar
    R.I.P. ShadowFlame and all those other wizards. Good luck rockin' them tournaments! Another Fire?
  5. Luke Lifeleaf's Avatar
    Wait, what happened to all your gold?
  6. ~Jesus~'s Avatar
    Welcome back!
  7. Alex JadeRider's Avatar
    Does that mean we can expect to see you back in tournaments?
  8. Jas's Avatar
    Yay,Welcome back
  9. Gothic Life Wizard's Avatar
    Cool, welcome back!
  10. Mr. Emerald's Avatar
    Welcome back!
  11. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Woot, welcome back Carlitos ^^
  12. HeatherRosepetal's Avatar
    nice! Fire is fun
  13. majormarck2's Avatar
    i want to fight carlitos i am tyler dream glade i have a ninja pig i would like to fight you at 10 in the morning today if not 11 12 1 a clock today on today i am tyler dream galde i have a ninja pig and i am wearing celestian gear and i want a battle at my open arena i call my self the best pyromancer time to put it to the test
  14. majormarck2's Avatar
    i wanna battle carlitos i am a pyromancer my self so i would like to battle you meet me in the arena server satyr area 1 any day at 4 if not 5 if not 6 or 7 thats all
  15. Chaos Rulers's Avatar
    woah dude! why would you waste arena tickets on those arena gears again lol
    i would get the arena pets or arena trophies
  16. torch0722's Avatar
    How did you do that? I've been trying and I keep dying.
  17. nik3whit3s14's Avatar
    Dang How Do You Do It? Takes Me Forever To Get To Captain =/
  18. Shattered's Avatar
    Congratz, and btw I challenged you in the 1v1 ladder.
  19. Jas's Avatar
  20. adiw's Avatar
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