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Ok, here's the deal. I'm not quite sure what I'm allowed to post and what I can't. That being said, I have stated what I am about to state in game and got no trouble, so here goes.

My name is Shanie.
I love Wizard 101.
I am... a teacher.

There, that was harmless.

The point of this blog is easy. To post my take on the game and how I view it from my eyes.

Also, browsing this board, I have noticed people mentioning just discovering tactics I thought up long ago which must mean not everyone has thought of them yet.

Now, I'm not going to say I am a master player. My highest character is level 39... 39, 32, 21, and 19 to be precise. But let me say that my tips are helping me so far.

You know what? Why don't you just read the blog and see for yourself? I'm sure we will all learn something. After all - What's a teacher for?

  1. Guess Who's Back (and much wiser for it)

    by , 3-13-12 at 6:28:30 AM (Shanie's Shiny Wizard 101 Blog)
    Ok, for the record, I've reached Celestia with my healer, and promptly got the snot kicked out of me. I have thus learned that I have much to learn still about the game and will refrain from posting tips about a game I have yet to master.

    That being said, I made this post after all this time for one reason. It involves a certain Zafaria quest, and a certain Phon--- er, TELEGRAPH box.


    You know, when I got to Marleybone with my first character, I said ...
  2. A tale of the overly helpful healer.

    by , 1-23-11 at 3:58:47 PM (Shanie's Shiny Wizard 101 Blog)
    Ok. Yesterday, I told you that I ported to help a friend in DS. The following blog entry does NOT pertain to that person. Nor does it pertain to The awesome pyromancer who inspired me to write it. Well, it does, but... ah whatever Shanie, just write the blog.

    Ok. Here's the thing. Not only have I been to DS because I was helping a friend, but I may have just glitched my primary character because of it. See, I kinda, sorta beat all the Onis in MooShu but only had finished the quest for ...
  3. I came, I saw, I made 11,000 Gold.

    by , 1-22-11 at 2:54:58 PM (Shanie's Shiny Wizard 101 Blog)
    Well, it's official. I have been to DS. No, I haven't finished MooShu, I just finished defeating War Oni. (Although I skipped ahead and did Plague Oni with a friend and got the ever so helpful Dryad spell) However, recently, a friend who has made it to DS has been needing some help there. And thanks to the threat based attack system, I have spent the past two days porting back and forth to DS, helping her in Boss Fights. This is why everyone loves a healer. And from what I saw, I was inspired. And ...
  4. Farewell To Death House

    by , 1-21-11 at 12:43:47 PM (Shanie's Shiny Wizard 101 Blog)
    Ok. So to make a long story short, I recently rethought my life. It gave me a much more positive outlook on things. Of course this meant cleaning out some cobwebs in the process. One major thing that I felt no longer fit, was my balance character.


    When I made him, I was in a dark place, and so naturally, I made the character as dark as possible, without going necromancy. I chose Balance, Storm, and Fire. But the kicker was his haunted house. I paid ...
  5. Funny how that works.

    by , 1-17-11 at 10:59:06 PM (Shanie's Shiny Wizard 101 Blog)
    So no sooner do I make a post stating about never having your own school's wand, then I pick up an old healer with a life wand. Naturally it only took me about ten tripped traps or so to change it.

    Now. I have recently had my eyes opened to a whole new aspect to Wizard 101...


    See, there's this handy little thing I knew about but never used called a Shared Bank. As I now know, it allows you to swap items between your players.

    Imagine ...
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