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  2. M4H in UK!

    by , 4-1-12 at 10:35:50 PM (Zanes Blog)
    Mercenaries For Hire is now open for service on the UK Server! You can make any requests in the following thread. Katherine Light, Josh Shadow, Compguru1, and I have all been working hard, and look forward to running with all you UK players!

    ~ Zane

    Updated 6-25-12 at 12:52:25 PM by Zane

  3. Welcome New Mercs for M4H :)

    by , 11-22-11 at 6:25:23 PM (Zanes Blog)
    Just want to give a quick congratulations to all the new members of Mercenaries for hire
    Congratulations to:
    Ice Lionheart

    I look forward to working with all of you guys.
    nants ingonyama bagithi baba

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  4. Update on my Wizzies!

    by , 11-11-11 at 1:22:37 AM (Zanes Blog)
    We have some changes :D
    Darkheart lvl 60 death
    Misteyes lvl 60 Storm
    Swiftblade lvl 60 Balance
    Winterbreeze lvl 43 Ice
    Spiritheart lvl 30 Life
    Willowblade lvl 23 Myth
  5. My Plan on just ignoring pvp and going pve

    by , 11-7-11 at 8:45:22 PM (Zanes Blog)
    Pvp is really fun, but i can't really handle adjusting to the new gear and spell now -_- i am getting busy now (woo) so i'm just planning on simple questing and leveling to achieve success :D (lol)
    Robert Swiftblade lvl 60 Balance
    Robert Misteyes lvl 60 Storm
    Robert Darkheart lvl 60 Death
    Robert Winterbreeze lvl 35 Ice
    Robert Willowblade lvl 23 Myth
    Robert _________ lvl 0 Life

    Want i want by the time people are getting ready

    Updated 11-7-11 at 8:45:55 PM by Zane

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