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  1. Minecraft

    by , 11-7-11 at 8:52:01 PM (Pet Derby Blog!)
    Minecraft Guides: How to Survive first night: Needed Items: Wood, Coal
    1.1 Location
    1.2 What Your first items you need.
    1.3 What you'll need to survive multiple nights, successfully.
    1.1:First of all, you DON'T want to live in the desert, you'lll never have food, no soil to have farm, usually no water, no usually good items underground. Its just horrible. the mountains are nice for you super dooper miners, but for the farmers like me, I like to have it in a valley where there's ...

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  2. My Road to Warlord.

    by , 8-30-11 at 6:23:13 PM (Pet Derby Blog!)
    Well, I started at private, here's my rank, I decided to make this like a newspaper. I'll add a personal blog at the bottom for those who would like to read it about how I feel overall about pvp.

    My Humor PvP Story of the Week
    Well, I started this morning wondering what's better than waking up remembering I promised a friend to meet up in game? Well I remembered it wasn't for a bit, so I joined PvP on my fire adept. I went first. I was vs a fire, first round he used wyldfire.