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You know if you belong.
Sometimes you have known.
Sometimes you have been hidden from the painful truth.
Your hatred for your parent who has abandoned you fades away as you discover that he/she is a God, floating above The Empire State building in their rightful place.
But, as you know learn your true meaning on the earth, you are gifted.

  1. Clan youtube Channel!

    by , 12-25-11 at 10:33:21 PM (Camp Half-Blood's Official Blog!)
    I have made a clan Youtube channel! :D
  2. Janurary's First meeting

    by , 12-20-11 at 8:57:33 PM (Camp Half-Blood's Official Blog!)
    Dear Half-Bloods,

    The next meeting has been decided! At our next meeting we will have our first game of Capture the flag! We will meet up with your brothers and sisters and train together. It may be easier that way since you are all related and should have similar powers! Camp Half-Blood should be ready by the time it is time for the meeting. All the info for the meeting will be listed below.

    Times and Date!
    January 2nd, 2011
    4:00pm Pacific ...
  3. New Blog!!!

    by , 12-20-11 at 8:48:08 PM (Camp Half-Blood's Official Blog!)
    I restarted this blog... It is now a blog for my clan! Camp Half-Blood!