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  1. ~Justin~'s Avatar
    I used the Kindle Fire and the Nook Color next to each other at a computer store, and I noticed the Nook Color seemed to be slower and "lag" a little. While the Kindle Fire was faster.
  2. Varus's Avatar
    The kindle, that i have heard of anyways, has a certain type of file they only use for ebooks so that limits the amount of books you can get.

    I'm thinking about getting a nook color, but what I just said is only what I heard
  3. The Half Blood Prince's Avatar
    I prefer Kindle Fires.
  4. Marshall Lee's Avatar
    You would think that people would have some sense not to make fun of people for their amusement but I guess not everyone gets that.
  5. Varus's Avatar
    It seems the older I get the more I realize how immature some people get(I am a teenager) And it shocks me how people older than me have less maturity then I do. I mean the THINGS some kids these days say
  6. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    I'm sorry. ): Yeah, it can be really sad when teenagers act less mature that younger children playing this game -_-"
  7. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    o: That's pretty cool! (; When are you doing your show?
    Our coach teaches 3 schools, and I'm super jealous of 1 of them o: They get to do their show to... TIM BURTON MUSIC! o.0 It's soooo cool! ); lol
  8. MisterGamerDude's Avatar
    Now I want a raccoon!
  9. Marshall Lee's Avatar
    Our show this year is called Control and I am pretty excited for it o: Its about a broken remote control and our show shirts say As seen on TV on the back on it ^^ I cant wait
  10. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Oh haha nice! :D Yeah, marching in hot weather's no fun :/ And nice, our coach is scary, so we mostly listen xD For one of our shows this year, we're going to Las Vegas, so it's gonna be a million and one degrees -_-" Good luck with the heat! ;P
  11. Marshall Lee's Avatar
    I am in Illinois o; So I dont think we will compete against each other lol. We have a parade though wednesday that is supposedly a million degree weather for. I had a practice for it tonight and my director was mad at us because we wouldnt stop talking. Maybe I just have more logic then others but when the director is talking its time to stop talking -_- Who knows
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    It's really so much harder than it looks o: I had a 10 hour rehersal today in preparation for band camp. It's just a killer, my arms are going to be so sore tomorrow xD What state do you live in? :D If you live in Cali, we might compete against each other! xD
  13. Marshall Lee's Avatar
    Oh thats pretty cool ^^ A friend of mine who used to play trumpet is in color guard now :3 I have a great respect for them because frankly I know I am not coordinated enough to do color guard o;
  14. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Good idea (; I'm running as well. We're in the same situation, because I'm doing marching band too! (Color Guard) And I'm trying to be more fit as well... Good luck! :D
  15. Marshall Lee's Avatar
    Thank you ^^ I may just go up to the elementry school tomorrow and do a few laps around their track if it isnt blazing hot tomorrow o;
  16. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Good luck! :D You'll do fine(;
  17. 2008kate's Avatar
    Good luck. ^0^ The key to excersize is doing what you enjoy. For example, I love going on bike rides, so I go to the track across the street and ride my bike for a while.
    And, lol, pull-ups aren't everything. There's still a lot of other stuff you can do to get some upper body strength.
    Good luck! (:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ambassador of Death
    Does that mean "Yes, small cheese?" I never took French, I'm just kind of guessing. XD
    Haha, it means, "Yes, the cheese is small!" (;
  19. Ambassador of Death's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Snow Goddess
    That's really cool! :D Oui, le fromage est petit.(: I'm taking french next year, it's a beautiful language<3
    Does that mean "Yes, small cheese?" I never took French, I'm just kind of guessing. XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathByChocolate
    I've been in French since Kindergarden and loving it.
    And also, it's not francouis, it's francais.
    <.> See how little I know lol thanks for telling me that or I never would have caughten ^^
    I was thinking about taking French last year but I took Spanish instead since I was told by allot of people its easier to learn and what not. I still think French is a better language than Spanish but me gusta hablando espanol muchisimo ^^
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