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  1. ~TKM~

    by , 5-16-12 at 11:22:05 PM (The World of Insanity)
    Hola people who read my blog :D
    Tomorrow is going to be a fun day. In my English Class since its the last normal day my teacher was like:
    "Hey why dont you guys bring chips and snacks and we will watch To Kill A Mockingbird?"
    She is even giving us extra credit if we bring food :D I am pretty excited since its a good book and what not plus who doesnt like to watch a movie last period and get extra credit for bringing food? I dont know anyone who wouldnt :D
    ~~~ ...
  2. Baritone Blues

    by , 5-14-12 at 11:37:26 PM (The World of Insanity)
    See what I did there? Soooo anyways
    My band director pulled a fast one on us today. He was like Oh you guys dont get those baritones. I was like O_o. He then said: You guys get the new ones with the cases wrapped and then the instrument wrapped! :D
    I was like :3 :D So we get the brand new ones.
    Here's the catch: They come at the end of the month between the Memorial Day Parade and the Shriner's So I have to learn it on Trombone and Bari O-o So I play trombone for Memorial Day and ...
  3. Something thats been bugging me...

    by , 5-13-12 at 11:03:44 PM (The World of Insanity)
    Okay so if you look at the little picture to the right of this message you see that my main wizard is ice :D
    So by this I am getting at one thing: Ice Resist.
    People have been complaining about it for awhile now and its just getting plain old. I mean I remember when people complained about storm all the time and now ice? I mean its not all about pvp...
    Personally I think 42 is fine but then again 72 to all is just way out of hand so... Thats my rant today :D

    Plus ...
  4. Strange Realization

    by , 5-12-12 at 11:37:56 PM (The World of Insanity)
    Well this is my third blog post in like 10 minutes all because I realized something: I should talk about a bunch of things in one post o: Weird right?
    So here I go with my new format of posting blogs.

    Well I got my Baritone Friday and I am extremely happy about it. My director decided to switch the trombone section to marcing baritones for show season. I thought it was going to be harder to transistion but its much easier than trombone imo. I almost have my parade song memorized ...
  5. Finals

    by , 5-12-12 at 11:28:30 PM (The World of Insanity)
    Well Friday marks the first day of finals for me with a 1st Hour World History Final. Yay ... not. I get to study from French Revolution all the way to the Russian Revolution. Not looking forward to this but I want to get it over with so... Then I have Biology, Spanish, and Algebra Finals all in one day on a Monday. Worst Possible Combination Ever. I end it on next Tuesday with an English Final which shouldnt be too difficult but you know its English ...
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