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  1. Balance :D

    by , 5-22-12 at 2:31:20 PM (The World of Insanity)
    So I decided I was going to get my balance to archmage. He is just in Drum Jungle yet so I should level at least once by the time I hit Avalon. But anyways I remembered how fun it is to play as balance. It just makes me so happy to use a colossal Chimera on a boss :{D
  2. I've been offically been dubbed Crazy

    by , 5-21-12 at 10:16:08 PM (The World of Insanity)
    Lucky me....
    So here is the background for it.
    I was minding my own buisness when I stumbled across a strange thread.
    Another rant thread about ice o: How mysteriously new.
    It was basically saying that ice should be nerfed in either health or resist to make a more equal game. First of all this is a parodox sentence. Taking away from one school to make it fair for everyone else?
    So the original poster called me biased because I was ice and then said I used the word biased ...
  3. School

    by , 5-21-12 at 6:05:43 PM (The World of Insanity)
    Hola la personas que vean mi blog :D (Hello people that read my blog) Or at least I think thats what it says...
    So I only have one final left :D English! Yay
    But today I had to take Biology, Spanish and Algebra.... boo!
    I got a B+ on my Biology one and idk about the other two. Biology and Spanish were really easy imo while Algebra was killing me. *image of Nathan fogeting how to find the roots of an equation*
    My hair was starting to fall out D: Just like one or two hairs ...
  4. Nathan is now unable to work a recorder :D

    by , 5-19-12 at 5:38:28 PM (The World of Insanity)
    So hello there people.. Friday was an interesting day for me.
    I had my first day of finals so 2nd hour I have band so I sat around becaue there is no final for that class. So I decided to do my playing tests.
    I pull out my trombone and my workbook and go to the brass closet to do my scales. I turn on the camera, do my scales, and leave.
    So later on in the hour I find out something kinda important....
    I had the camera facing the WRONG way!!!
    >.> I was like "My ...
  5. I approve

    by , 5-19-12 at 2:10:19 AM (The World of Insanity)
    ____━━____┗┓|:::::::::::::::::­­­­­­­::: ^━━^
    ____━━____━┗|:::::::::::::::::­­­­­­­: |。◕‿‿◕。|
    Found this on the internet :D Nyan!
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