A race for the best

Your guys are telling me, its a race for the best, be it graphics, be it art, be it math, be it physical... the race for the best

  1. Why This is Becoming Unbelievable

    by , 6-13-12 at 1:29:54 AM (A race for the best)
    U know why this is becoming unbelievable? Wizard101 Central is now like a War between the Republican and Democratic Party, so many views clashed, but I simply do not see any form of constructive critizism. I'm not a pacifist, but I don't agree on
    ranting or simply "saying your opinion."
    If you truly want to help, do some constructive critizism? Your giving KI it hard enough. Sorting through all these complaints. Why not just be nice and try to help KI? E-Mail them a couple ...
  2. Here comes TBotA

    by , 5-13-12 at 4:56:06 PM (A race for the best)
    Do you guys think you got what it takes to Win on not just our Graphics Contests, But Drawing and Photography Ones Two!!?? Then click this link, get yourself understood with the info. And just participate.

  3. And So "Thee Plenty Winds the Box.:"

    by , 3-5-12 at 7:28:55 PM (A race for the best)
    Now, I have no reason why that title is there, except the reason that it relates like a metaphor to show that I am alive, again!!

    My graphics are starting to become less rusty, I'm coming back online, my life is way better, and I'm open to questions, comments, etc. on why I was gone, what happened, and more etc's that I do not want to count. So! Look forward to a good new start.
  4. The Winter Project

    by , 7-24-11 at 9:47:30 PM (A race for the best)
    From up to Now to September 2011 i will be working on a different story before the start of Codex: Messiah, this is to ensure the storyline's backs everything up. Look foward to my new book...Codex: Amaterasu, The Prequel Back up to Story to Codex: Messiah!
  5. \Codex: Messiah/ -.The Messiah is Coming.-

    by , 7-20-11 at 2:46:05 PM (A race for the best)
    [CENTER][FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="5"]\Codex: Messiah/[/SIZE][/FONT]
    ~.The Messiah is coming.~[/CENTER]

    After a few(Days) of watching Anime(Lots of Code Geass, Death Note, AnoHana, Eden of the East) And more I have finally found an inspiration for a new story. The concept follows WWIII, It is already been 13 years since the start of the war. 2023 and an American Teenager is caught up in the mess of the High Nations. The Two High Nations are the U.S.A ...
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