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  1. Day 2

    Starting experience: 49 of 2,255 until level 13.
    Ending experience: 799 of 2,255. Total of 750 experience gained today.

    I didn't think that today was going to be one of my best days, in fact, I thought it would be a complete failure as I am very limited in the amount of time I can play on Wednesdays. However, browni123456 is healing for me while I fight Skullsplitter and so I'm getting 114 exp per fight. Thank you so much browni, you're turning today into a decent day were it ...

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  2. A minor 'setback'

    So it turns out that I did the math incorrectly. It will in fact take me 194-195 days to reach Legendary. However, this will not stop me. In fact, it will only make me work harder. My goal is to be Legendary by the end of summer and I'm still holding on to that goal.
  3. Day 1

    Because of help generously offered from Megan Frostriver here on Central, I was able to get in a couple battles with Skullsplitter. Each one gave me over 100 exp. The first one gave 105, the second 108. During this time I also developed two decks that I'll use until level 20. One for fighting Field Guards when Megan is unable to help, and one for Skullsplitter with Megan. Pictures below.

    Field Guard deck

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  4. My most intense battle (so far)

    I was really down to the wire on this one. I was at a couple hundred health and my Banshee fizzled twice in a row before finally casting. Here's a pic of my health at the end of the fight as well as the experience I received.
  5. Going for Legendary, a new free to play experience

    I'm heading for Legendary on my free to play wizard. There is a thread that can be found here:

    I'll be posting my 'benchmark' levels as I reach them as well as my total experience gained per day. I will post my deck set-up, and strategies I use.

    Benchmark levels are as follows:
    30 (Halfway there)
    60 (Legendary!)

    I hope this will help ...

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