Brian Icefist

  1. Day 6

    Starting experience: 11 of 2,580 until level 14.
    Ending experience: 8 of 2,925. Total of 2,577 experience gained today.

    So far so good today. I'm working towards level 14 and I'm about 1/4 of the way there. I'll probably hit level 14 within the next few hours.

    Just hit level 14. I'm done for today. Screenshots below.


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  2. Day 5

    Starting experience: 1,924 of 2,255

    I've just hit level 13. Screenshots below.

    So far today is good. I'm going for level 14 as I write and hopefully I'll be level 14 by the end of today.

    I didn't end up hitting level 14, but I'll be 15 by the ...

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  3. Day 4

    I'm posting this on Day 5 of when I started, but this is what I got accomplished on Day 4: Nothing. I was at a friends graduation party all day and when I got home I was too tired to even attempt and level so I got nothing done.
  4. Day 3

    Starting experience: 799 of 2,255 until level 13.
    Ending experience: 1,924 of 2,255. Total of 1,125 experience gained today.

    Today has been a good day so far. Thanks so much to Megan Frostriver here who ran Skullsplitter with me for the better part of two hours. It's really helped my experience gain so far today. I'd also like to thank Megan for the TC's she gave me today. They've helped me fight Skullsplitter and get great experience on my own for the time being. I'll post more ...

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  5. The most experience I've gained in one fight (so far)

    Thanks so much to browni for being in this fight and healing me. Also thanks to my Banshee for fizzling on me and my Weakness for doing so as well. Here's the picture.

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