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  1. Zafaria? No-Faria!

    by , 7-22-15 at 3:20:48 PM (The Life and Times of a Balance Wizard)
    Fiona is feeling a little blue. Things are just not going her way the last couple of days.

    Fiona finally finished Celestia earlier this week, which was pretty great. Sort of. If you consider 2.5 hours in a dungeon with a Life Wizard who's fumbling just as bad as Fiona. How could I have forgotten that CL bosses cheat? Gee whiz. After what felt like an eternity in a dentist's chair, I was ready to log out, but I managed to do a couple of quest turn ins before logging for the night. ...
  2. A Year Older

    by , 10-1-11 at 10:43:49 PM (The Life and Times of a Balance Wizard)
    I started typing a whole blog about personal stuff, which I never do. Then I decided it was far too revealing about my life. So I'll try for a humorous bit instead.

    After having my daughter 5 months ago, she made my hair fall out in rather alarmingly large quantities. This is a fairly common, yet rarely discussed side effect of bearing a child. If I'd known that my hair was going to jump ship when she exited, I might have reconsidered.

    As it is, while my hair is still ...
  3. How much is that Ice Wizard

    by , 9-27-11 at 7:16:22 PM (The Life and Times of a Balance Wizard)
    In the window?

    While out in Dragonspyre, Esmee ran across a very rare beast indeed. A Wizard with menu chat only that was awesome. I mean, awesome.

    Scene: The Crucible, fighting the big end boss in the middle. Esmee and Death Wizard Who Likes to Cast Life Spells dueling boss.

    Enter stage right: A voice appears above them in a giant bubble asking, "Please may I join?"

    Uh, sure. It's a free world. Sort of.

    He joins. ...
  4. Life Damage

    by , 9-25-11 at 11:36:17 PM (The Life and Times of a Balance Wizard)
    Look, I am not an expert here. I am certain that there are those among us with spreadsheets about damage and yadda yadda. I'm going to go into the more practical application.

    I've been out and about, primarily avoiding others unless I get a 'Defeat 10 of these mobs' for a drop that turns out to take 20 to get. In my travels, I've met up with many random Wizards. Several times when partnering with someone for more than one fight, they've asked me why my Life damage is so high. It's ...
  5. Meet the Wizards

    by , 9-11-11 at 8:49:27 PM (The Life and Times of a Balance Wizard)
    As my blog is couched in between Bieber Believers, the PVP elite, and Twilight Fans, I do try to stand out. It's kind of hard to be relevant here as I am a. Out of high school, b. Have a small child at home and c. Am strictly a PvE player. I can give odes to dirty diapers, can tell you how many pips I need for Judgement to one-shot a mob, and have the Maze in the Pet Pavilion memorized. Are any of those things interesting? It's okay, you can say "No."

    I saw this posted on ...
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