1. happy 3am survey time

    About Me
    Name: Lydia
    Nickname(s): Dia
    Gender: Female.
    Age: ??
    Birthday: Somewhere in October

    Favorite Color(s): grey
    Least Favorite Color: pink, yellow, orange..
    Favorite Food: do reeses count?
    Least Favorite Food: Mexican food, mostly tacos.
    Favorite Band/Artist: Crown the Empire, Krewella, Blackmill
    Least Favorite Band/Artist: um
    Favorite Type of Movie: Romantic, Romance/Drama, Romantic/Comedy,
  2. pet peeve

    now i've been here on central for a long time, dormant or not. I've always had an avid part in the art community when i'm active on this site. There are certain people on here who I have a lot of respect for. They go out of their way to learn how to increase their ability in art by learning new things.

    and there is the leaches. Now that might be a tough comparison for people but i feel like its almost true. I see so many talented artists on this site putting out tutorials, trying to
  3. if life's an ocean, i'm in the deep end.

    wellllllll helllllllllloooooooo there lovely people of this forum site.
    actually most of you arent lovely but whatevs.
    your long, lost fearless has returned.
    aka me

    things in college have been crazy, and literally i have so many people pulling on both of my arms. all my league friends are like PLAY. its always lovely when i receive phone calls at night telling to get on.. from my friend david..
    we have a special friendship.. that only seth knows about
  4. still with me

    so um hi
    i haven't really been arounnnnnnnd here lately but hi
    things have been crazyyy
    over this summer i've done a lot like
    I went to florida for 2 weeks
    that was fun #no
    When I was in FL, I was able to attend Warped tour
    I saw:
    Crown The Empire
    Sleeping With Sirens
    Woe, is me
    Tonight Alive
    Memphis May Fire
    Hands like Houses
    The Used
    We Came as Romans
    okay I saw CTE at their
  5. moumantai

    just relax, take it easy, or not a problem.

    it's a cantonese phrase that i just loveeeeee
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