1. Theurgy after Azteca: Iridian's Innovations

    I'm going to spend some time this summer reflecting on innovations to heal/damage strategies I've learned during my many forays into Azteca starting with my Theurgust, Iridian Shadowweaver.

    I have to admit that Azteca was the most gratifying world for my Theurgist, in terms of challenge and gains in self-reliance. I was amazed at the new damage power Iridian acquired by training Sharpen Blade, her boosted healing prowess derived from Primordial, and the augmentation to heal boost and ...

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  2. "WCP and the PvP ARENA"

    WCP in the Arena

    Hello wizards! We want to share some information with the community about a project that WCP is undertaking in the Arena, and make sure our objectives are clear. We have been in discussion with a few leaders in the PvP community who are concerned with the hostile tone in the Arena. In particular, these leaders have indicated that the puppet teams are engaging in harassment, foul language, and cyber bullying during matches. A second concern among the ladies in the PvP
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