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  1. Familiars: A Love Affair

    In all my years of wizarding, I haven't really explored the possibilities of pet genetics. Sure, I've dabbled here and there, especially when my expert pet breeder wizard friends offer hatches with choice pets. I was generally satisfied if my pet might cast Spritely or a blade on occasion. But I just didn't have an interest in all the hard work of keeping track of the long-term outcomes of various hatches, until now.

    Recently, the urge to HATCH has overtaken my wizarding moments, and ...

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  2. Wizard City Protector Mom, a Letter to Kings Isle

    Update: The current state of the Commons and most other high traffic F2P areas is improved since I wrote this letter. Although some problem spots remain, the appearance of Hall Monitors over the past couple of weeks has been a generally good influence. I find myself spending much less time stuck in the Commons due to constantly stopping to ignore and report undesirable language/behavior. I suppose some of that can be attributed to the updates to the chat filters, which were pretty extensive and ...

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  3. Ivory Tower Bound

    Tomorrow I return to campus for the Fall 2013 semester, which also means much less Spiral time until mid-December.

    I plan to visit the Spiral on weekends and occasionally evenings during the week. I'll continue to log into Central regularly, so feel free to send a PM or leave a visitor message on my page.

    Those of you who know me IRL can also find me in my various cyber-haunts.

    Fight a boss for me,

  4. Sisters of the Spiral Coven: Current Projects

    Every year around this time, I have to stop and assess where my various wizards are in the Spiral and in the arc of their individual studies. To my regular dismay, I find that I have more unfinished business that finished at this point in the summer, and that I will start the new school year with a very full wizarding plate. I guess that's what keeps me going in the Spiral, the fact that I never have an empty quest book or list of things to do and people to help. It's a comfort, really, to know ...
  5. Adventures in the Test Realm: Aquila

    The central theme of Aquila is the Greek pantheon of gods. The story contains multiple threads which identify and animate various famous Greek myths and related classical literature. Clever, really. Not to mention funny :D Zeus and Poseidon are hilarious!

    As a scholar of classical literature and history, I am so happy to see KI continue the tradition of sharing stories from the ancient past as they have done since the beginning of our adventures in the Spiral. It's a tradition I hope ...
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