1. Thoughts on Why I Don't PvP

    Chogath posted a new thread on the forums today that got me thinking about why I don't spend much time or energy on PvP. I should PvP, it's the standard progression for wizards who have been in the Spiral for a while, or 6 years in my case. Yet I don't care much for the idea of PvP. I have an ideal for what would be fun in PvP, but my actual experiences in the arena don't rise to the aspiration.

    First age PvP was fun for me, for the most part. I played with my necromancer, pyromancer, ...
  2. I Refuse Mediocrity: A Response to Darkmoor Critics

    I tried to post this in the forum, but the thread I replied to was moderated, and my comment didn't appear.

    x puts on teacher hat x

    Wizard 101 has always held great educational value for its target audience, children and families. Especially for children, the orderly structure of the game and the motivation to complete tasks teach valuable lessons in time management, organization, and pride in a job well done. Yes, I just said JOB. Gaming is work, satisfying work, but

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  3. Research for the Third Arc (PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS)

    You can read the active Google document if you prefer. I have updated the content since I posted this blog. If I'm not allowed to share the Google doc, please let me know. I will refresh content here, even though that would be less fun

    Please, please, please leave comments and let me know if there are other possibilities I should investigate!

    Third Arc:


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  4. Whitman for a Rainy Day

    And who art thou? said I to the soft-falling shower,
    Which, strange to tell, gave me an answer, as here translated:
    I am the Poem of Earth, said the voice of the rain,
    Eternal I rise impalpable out of the land and the bottomless sea,
    Upward to heaven, whence, vaguely form'd, altogether changed, and
    yet the same,
    I descend to lave the drouths, atomies, dust-layers of the globe,
    And all that in them without me were seeds only, latent, unborn;
    And forever, ...
  5. Poetry Parody: A Spiral Love Song

    Please enjoy this revision of the poem "I Hear America Singing", by Walt Whitman, Spiral-wise:

    I Hear the Spiral Singing

    I hear the Spiral singing, the varied carols I hear,

    Those of Bartleby and Grandmother Raven, singing the song of creation, melodious and eternal, woven in roots and stars,

    Merle Ambrose singing his as he takes the measure of boys and girls, and sends them to their wizardly fates,

    Diego singing ...

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