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  1. Milt's Avatar
    Welcome back Onion !
  2. Onion Knight's Avatar
    Hey Seth! The TM Black looks good on ya!
  3. $eth's Avatar
    You are alive, hi Onion ^^
  4. BreckenSpiritBlade23's Avatar
    So true. LOL love the NY thing.
  5. racheal4's Avatar
    Rofl that is so true and what a laugh
    Thanks for the hilarious list
  6. dragonsoul's Avatar
    just the pet for malitare drake because It would make him kick some wizard butt! no offence everybody
  7. as23d's Avatar
    well MY balance is a the somewhat noobish rank of 238.
  8. adiw's Avatar
    This would be hard as any school but I'd like to see someone who isn't Balance and who doesn't have a Balance mastery amulet do this.
  9. merridian's Avatar
    Sounds like a good idea, though I'm not a pvp'er. Good luck to all.
  10. ~Hawk IceBlade~'s Avatar
    Jotun has to have a sopt. They are liek BEASTS and no one has been able to solo him with hsi brothers. still trying!
  11. ~Hawk IceBlade~'s Avatar
    There are like way too many glitches in that thing. i was able to do the crystals without fighting the bosses. How? Its a secret
  12. Scooter's Avatar
    LOL the last part is awesome lol xD
  13. as23d's Avatar
    heh heh heh almost seems like my little brother
  14. as23d's Avatar
    oh wow you are so dang luck
  15. deetle1000's Avatar
    actually now retraining cost about 1500 crowns
  16. Frost Monarch's Avatar
    second chance chests woot woot. i got a snack from mine xD (jk)
  17. SSparklethorn's Avatar
    I feel your pain for buying crown gear for a 2nd account. Someone pls pls pls explain to me WHY kingsisle gives you 7 schools and only 6 spots? This is pretty lame. And on top of that now I have crown gear for every level and all are legend so what to do now. LOL

    Good luck with your pvping :D

    Loving the blog as well
  18. as23d's Avatar
    ooo that right
  19. Mordikay's Avatar
    You forgot retraining that now cost over 7000 crowns if you have CL training points.
  20. as23d's Avatar
    my favorite smily is 8O
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