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  1. Hi Again!

    by , 5-30-11 at 11:45:06 PM (Bluepen19's blog! :D)
    Wow! I was planning to write on this everyday or almost everyday, and I failed.
    Well, my day has been very uneventful. Since it's finals week at my school, we've been studying our butts off. It's such a pain.

    Now, a better, little more interesting topic:
    I finally posted a story here on Central.
    It's bit late to be talking about it, I know, but I'll talk about it anyway.
    It's called The Academy of the Gifted: Execration.
    Execration being a ...
  2. Hi Everyone!

    by , 4-28-11 at 5:23:28 PM (Bluepen19's blog! :D)
    Well, I guess this is my first blog post. Haha. After how many years I've been here?
    Apparently, this is supposed to be mainly about Wizard101 related, but I don't play it anymore uhh yeaah. I promise I put some old pictures someday (if I can find them). Yup this was my lame greeting.