The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.


  1. PvP Deck Set-Ups. Final

    by , 8-9-09 at 12:04:30 AM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    Alright guys so I am willing to make a few deck set ups for the needy people. I will only do set-ups for levels 48-50 so that you have all the school spells.

    I will also do only a couple per school.

    If you want a set-up post your school, and what you spent your training points on. Also include if you are going to use it for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4.
    P.S. I will make these using a 55 card school deck. so if you have the 60 card one, add what you please to fill up ...
  2. Minions...

    by , 8-4-09 at 6:23:12 PM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    I decided to make a blog about the wonderful creatures Minions. Minions are very very useful in PvP.

    Some minions are better than others, and some really should stick in 1v1 duels.

    Once you get into 3v3 and 4v4, minions should stay out of the arena. They end up turning into a waste of pips. The reason for that is all the new group spells. You will summon your trusty Sprite, but next turn it gets hit by a Nova, Storm Lord, etc...

    2v2 is Kinda iffy. It all ...

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  3. PvP Deck set-ups

    by , 8-4-09 at 2:59:43 PM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    Well I think I finally decided what my first real blog will be about. I decided to list tips and hints for good PvP deck set-ups for all schools, and for all types of PvP. These will be set-ups I recommend for ranked dueling where you do not always quite know what your opponent will be.

    Keep in mind when you are dueling someone for a tournament match that your deck should be adjusted to fight againat their school.

    P.S. All these set-up type posts will be based for the ...
  4. Ummm Just trying to figure stuff out.

    by , 8-3-09 at 11:53:30 PM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    That is right. I have no idea what I am doing so I just typing away hoping for the best. Just trying to get familiar with this before it is totally open.

    I am still unsure what I will write in these so I am up for suggestions. LNO, I liked your idea, but just don't know how to start. Once I start it should go smoothly.
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