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    Quote Originally Posted by aliszews
    It isn't celestia it is Crab alley
    Well I feel really stupid now... >.>
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    It isn't celestia it is Crab alley
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    I got Microsoft Office for about $60. It's worth it.
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    Oh kewl! I like it!
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    The last dude looks pretty scary, But my balance girl can take him with all the power nova and judgement spells.
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    I have seen people ask for a treasure card to port people into Krokotopia. I would bring people in for free if they ask. I don't know why people would pay treasure cards for "tours" of premium areas if they can ask around and get ported in for free.
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    Yes, there are several places where that goes on. At Eldric's Reach (?) at the end of the Shopping Street there an area by the cliff that is walled off.

    There is a cave under the tunnel that leads from Old Town to Shopping District. Cave is in the water by the Recipe Lady, and has iron bars across the entrance.

    Another gated cave entrance in Haunted Cavern.

    Once you get in those places, there is nothing to do or see - just a small empty cave. The only attraction is that you don't get access to it through the regular game play, and so most people are excluded. But people on the outside don't know that.

    It seems to be cyclical - it is a glitch that some figure out, and then can port others in, and place a mark to return to it. After a bit, enough people start porting in that it isn't cool anymore. So, it dies out for a month, and then it starts up again.

    It is not a vicious, hurtful or expensive as the "Cards for a Mount" scams.
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    I paid a Life Master 3-5 Fire shield cards to get me into Nightside for my Death prism quest XD

    I also paid him a Monstrous help me with Sunken City when I was a noob. I had my personal High level slave for TCs ^_^
    Who needs Henchmen?
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    Ugh, I hate people like that. I'm glad you didn't fall for the scam!!!
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    i saw that same thing! there was this guy who said give me treasure cards and i will let you come so i added him and ported then he said give me your best cards and he doesnt know this but i have TWO ninja pigs so i gave him one thinking he scammed me and i said now that i gave you it tell me how to get back here then he said o sry i gtg sry i gtg, notice how he said it twice....but he said he broke into the server so did it affect his chat? and i was smart to give him only one i thought he would do something like that :P
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    Oh, and nice pag! xD
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    I agree too! Along with tons of other people lol....
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    i h8 false dates guys will be posting blogs about the relese date sayint that there father, or friends works for KI and has given them the release date, uggh it makes me so mad
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    i honestly agree so many people have been giving me false dates if you dont know dont say anything until its final! sorry for the yelling but it drives me crazy i cant wait for this as much as the next person and feel we should wait so it will be all we expect wow i must be lost but three new school????? lol made me feel way more excited ;p
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    *totally agrees*
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnimagiGirl
    I agree.
    me too.
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    I agree.
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    Conngrats on getting the house, the best place to farm for gold is the coven ravens in ravenscar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuzzyWuzzy
    You feel so pore? Shouldn't that be poor? lol
    There are 3 different ways to say that word I got confused xD
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    You feel so pore? Shouldn't that be poor? lol
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