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    Maybe a ice wizard?
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    I think you should make a storm wizard
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    Quote Originally Posted by [[potroast42]]
    yup you're number 2 now and milton is down to number 3
    Miltons?? but he is the Blog Moderator! wow...
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    yup you're number 2 now and milton is down to number 3
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    Quote Originally Posted by [[potroast42]]
    haha 2 and 3 just flip-flopped
    really? wow, told ya its forever changing! lol
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    haha 2 and 3 just flip-flopped
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    It snowed here too! Except for about half an inch? I didn't like it very much because a few weeks ago, we practically had a snow blizzard and school was cancel for a few days. I was quite bored so seeing more snow right now is not really that fun anymore :P
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    well, if they made more schools you would pretty much have to redo the game. my brother says that there are gonna be 3 astral schools (sun, moon, stars) in the new world celestia. they are gonna put 2 of the schools already and combine them to make an astral school. sun will be life and fire, moon will be death and ice, stars will be STORM and myth. but i couldnt think of having the same astral school as my brother (he's myth)
    it would be awesome if they made more lvls. then my lvl 50 friends would play wizard101 more often (yay! i have a lot of lvl 50 friends).
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    i was hoping that the new schools (if any) would be like advancements to the schools so sun would be fire and life moon would be death and ice stars would be myth and storm and balance would still learn balance so we dont have to delete are wizard to make room for another and they increase the level cap a bit higher new world totally the hints about the new worlds but especially the owrld celestia so keep your fingers crossed for these new things!
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    The only proof we have of the Astral Triangle is that Headmaster Ambrose, when asked what school he was trained in, mentioned studying a new triangle of schools that has to do with the sun, moon, and stars. This was posted on the message boards at I don't have a direct link, so if someone else has one I would appreciate it if they took the time to post it.
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    my car has neon lights, and the only thing better than a neon guitar is a see-through guitar filled with blue lava lamp liquid.
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    nice neon they had a neon green violin in the movie Starship Troopers.
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    Lol No prob.
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    c'mon hand it over just hand it over lol very cool
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    lol neon is awesome
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    Hehe, nice neon pics.
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    haha very cool
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    Quote Originally Posted by ElemantalFantasy101
    No wonder why your on the bes blogs list! This was honestly interesting.
    Thanks I was super surprised when I saw it on the list, I was like WOAH! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by TaraBeara
    haha thanks for telling me.

    yw. ( SHORT REPLY ALERT! SHORT REPLY ALERT! ) go kitties!
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    I'm sorry i meant best ^